Endoscopy Fellowship Training Participants Testimonials

Dr. Jaber Al-Ali MD, ABIM, FRCPC, Mubarak & University Hospitals, Kuwait
Amazing course by all means! It covered everything that I wanted from A - Z. I must say congratulations for the wonderfully organized course and most importantly the quality of cases that have been presented during the course as well as this extended preceptorship. I learnt a lot not only from EUS point but also from ERCP cases. The amount of pancreato-biliary cases that I saw here has been tremendous and the way Dr Rathod has treated each case, it is simply outstandingly. I have benefited and gained immensely from this course. I am glad that I decided to stay on for a further 3 weeks of training under Dr Rathod. I wish you the best and I`m sure this will be known globally and locally. Thank you so much.
Michael F. Byrne MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, BC, CANADA.
Having spent a month after the March 2011course with Dr. Rathod as an observer at Endoscopy Asia in Mumbai, I can honestly say that he is a leading light in India for interventional endoscopy. His EUS technique is fantastic and his teaching is the best I have experienced in my career to date. There is an incredible range of pathology that presents to his centre, and I truly believe that his approach, particularly with very appropriate use of EUS and ERCP, offers such patients the best care available for miles around. I have also gained a very good friend in my time here. I feel that Vipul could teach a lot to many of our North American colleagues.
Dr. Soheil Fadaee, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Tehran Clinic Hospital, Tehran, Iran
I joined Dr. Rathod on his weekend course of EUS-ERCP Hands on Interface followed by one week of further hands on sessions in EUS on a wide variety of patients in a very short span of time which I was astonished to see. One of the most important aspects of this course was variety of complicated and the seldom seen pancreatic diseases which I havent personally come across. I had a great opportunity to watch Dr. Rathod treating these complicated pancreatic diseases, his vast knowing of EUS and therapeutic endoscopy has inspired me to set up a unit consistent of EUS and ERCP in the same room. I am looking forward to participating more with Dr. Rathod and having him in my hospital for a workshop of EUS-ERCP Interface. This Educational experience has strengthened my approach towards difficult biliary and pancreatic cases. I strongly recommend for interventional gastroenterology joining Dr. Rathods weekend course on EUS-ERCP.
Dr. Ragheed Allababidi, Consultant Internist & Gastroenterologist Dr. Erfan and Bagedo Hospital, Saudi Arabia
I am very grateful to Dr. Rathod for teaching me EUS and some advance techniques of ERCP. Dr Rathods skills and professionalism in EUS and ERCP are great and non-comparable to any gastroenterologist that I have seen before. Endoscopy Asia is the right place to learn EUS and ERCP to the highest level. I felt happy attending the course and now feel confident performing EUS after spending a few weeks of preceptorship here after the weekend June 2011 course. Dr Rathod has made learning EUS so simple, practical and easy to perform. I encourage any gastroenterologist interested in learning EUS and ERCP to attend the course at Endoscopy Asia and spend some time with Dr Rathod. I have yet to come across any other centre that offers this extremely wide range of diagnostics, interventions and therapeutic techniques in EUS, ERCP and OGD under one roof except at this centre here. Finally, I want to thank Dr Rathod professionally and personally for being a great teacher, humble and pleasant friend. I wish Dr Rathod good and I certainly hope to come back to learn more from him in the future.
Deepak Chowdhary, MDMcleod Regional Hospital, Florence, South Carolina, USA
The course of EUS-ERCP-Endotherapy Interface was very well organized with a wide variety of cases which demonstrated how effective interventions can be performed in various medical conditions in a comprehensive and integral manner. The faculty was excellent with special mention for Dr. Nageshwar Reddy in ERCP and Dr. Vipulroy Rathod in Endosonography, both of whom are pioneers in their respective areas of specialties. I was very impressed with the seamless integrations of Endosonography and ERCP. I had an opportunity to spend few extra days where I understood and learnt more about Endosonography which Dr. Rathod made very easy. I would recommend Dr Rathod and his course to anyone who wants to learn or refine their understanding and improve their skills in not only Endosonography and ERCP but the entire spectrum of Endoscopy.
Dr. Abdulqader Almessabi, Consultant Gastroenterologist FRCPC, Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
I have been around for training in advanced endoscopy in North America and France, but I have never seen such an organized and an excellent training course like this at Endoscopy Asia, Mumbai, India with Dr Rathod. This extended preceptorship of 2 weeks post June 2011 course, has made me very confident. And I know for sure, that I will be able to perform 70% of EUS procedures. And I agree with Dr Rathods statement that “ EUS is easy.” I am truly glad that I took this time to be with Dr Rathod, I have gained immensely by coming here. I plan to come back again for a period of 3 months in order to have more exposure to ERCP as well. I have never seen any endoscopist who performs EUS-ERCP in the way Dr Rathod performs. I would like to thank Dr Rathod and his entire team at Endoscopy Asia for this excellent and organized course.
Professor Dr. Salem Ajmi , Head of Department of Gastroenterology, Sahloul Hospital, Sousse, TUNISIA
It has been the right choice and a wonderful and a great experience coming to Dr Vipulroy Rathod for EUS-ERCP observership. I have benefited immensely by attending the Weekend Hands On Training course of March 2011. Following that in this one month, I have seen a variety of extremely interesting, different and near impossible cases of EUS-ERCP Interface. Dr Rathod has a vast data base of such complex cases that one can learn so much by just being here even as an observer. Dr Rathod is a formidable teacher and I will certainly like to collaborate with him in the future and I look forward to coming back to him for further more advance preceptorship. I would like to thank Dr Rathod with deep gratitude for giving me the exposure to the world of EUS-ERCP Interface.

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