Endoscopy Ultrasound (EUS) or Echo endoscopy is drawing significant attention of Gastroenterologists worldwide due to its accurate diagnostic abilities. The region of South East Asia especially Cambodia is showing special interest in incorporating EUS procedure in daily gastroenterology practice. In order to understand the scope of EUS procedures better, Cambodia invited Dr. Vipulroy Rathod, the pioneer of Interventional Pancreato-Biliary EUS-ERCP Interface to talk on the current scenario of Pancreato-Billiary Endoscopic procedures. Dr. Rathod gave a detailed understanding of the procedure and shared important case studies which he had successfully treated. He patiently cleared the doubts arising from a huge audience related to the correct use and benefits of EUS procedure.


When asked about his experience about the conference, Dr. Rathod said that he is quite delighted to see the interest of gastroenterologists worldwide in adopting the procedure of Endoscopy Ultrasound for achieving better results. Dr. Rathod feels India is at the threshold in setting quality milestones in the healthcare services. Having pioneered the practice Endoscopy Ultrasound in India, Dr. Rathod is aggressively involved in educating and training aspirant gastroenterologists, endoscopists and doctors about the benefits and efficacy of the procedure. He has launched Endoscopyguru, an online portal which conducts webinars and workshops for gastroenterologists that give live access to the endoscopic procedures performed at Endoscopy Asia, India’s leading centre for excellence with care in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopy. The fellowship programmes conducted by EndoscopyGuru has trained doctors from 25 countries including countries like USA, Canada, Middle East, Scotland, Slovakia, Libya, Egypt, Iran and others.

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