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Gastrointestinal Health Checkup Packages:

The WHO has identified India as one of the nations that is going to have most of the lifestyle disorders in the near future. The major routine diseases in India are Gastrointestinal disorders which include Peptic Ulcer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Appendicitis, Hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) along with any kind of cancerous tumors present in the gastronomical tract. These are primarily caused due to lifestyle disorders or lifestyle changes that people have accepted to over the years. In a bid to lead a healthy lifestyle, an early screening of gastronomical tract is quite necessary and hence a complicated lifestyle change is the order of the day as your body fights against time, stress and Gastrointestinal disorders.

We recommend these Gastrointestinal Health Checkup Packages to those who live a desk bound lifestyle, going through high level of emotional stress, have a ancestral history of gastrointestinal disorders, improper eating habits, suffers from obesity and are addicted to smoking and drinking. Also everybody over the age of 40 should mandatorily do Upper GI Endoscopy, Lower GI Endoscopy and EUS.

We provide Physician/Surgeon/Gastroenterologist consultation, blood sugar fasting, complete Haemogram, Gastroenterology, Radiology Services, Laboratory examination and diet plan.

Cancer Screening Program:

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells anywhere in a body. The American Cancer Society recommends that even people with no symptoms go see a physician for cancer screening. Early detection is one of the best weapons we have against cancer.


  • Family history of Cancer.
  • Any lump or mass in the body
  • Unexplained abnormal bleeding from anybody opening (coughing, vomiting blood, passing blood in urine or stool, bleeding in between menstruation or after menopause)
  • Persistence indigestion/ change in bowel habits
  • Persistent Sore mouth/ lip/ tongue
  • Persistent hoarseness in voice
  • Unexplained loss of weight/ appetite


  • Tobacco
  • Sunlight
  • Ionizing Radiation
  • Certain chemical and other substances
  • Alcohol
  • Poor diet/ lack of physical activity and obesity
  • Family history of Cancer
  • Age