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Patient Testimonies
  • " Excellent service, Very Co-operative staff, Dr is very good. "
    Hiren N Shah, India
  • " Excellent doctor who is wonderful. We are very impressed in the world class clinic. Our daughter was in outstanding hands. Dr and Mrs Rathod are just good. "
    Shailesh & Kalyani Patel, India
  • " Nice Ambiance, Good Staff, Great Diagnosis, Superb Doctor. "
    Dr. Nimi Gehlot, India
  • " Very good experienced staff all excellent good services and Doctor was very confident and co-operative over all very good treatment. "
    Prash Jain, India
  • " आपले अमूल्य सहकार्य व आजारी व्यक्तीला मिळालेला आधार यात आपल्या इंडोस्कोपी एशिया मधील सर्व डॉ. व सर्व कर्मचारी वर्ग यांचे शतशः आभार. धन्यवाद् ! "
    श्री धनके तो. आ. , इंडिया
  • " Overall experience was very good. Staff is very co-operative. Dr Rathod is very Co-Operative and good by heart apart from being well experienced, Music was awesome, Anesthesia too good. "
    Dr. Deepali P Thakur, India
  • " Everything was superb. Dr. Rathod is very good excellent doctor & person too. We felt cent-percent safe & satisfied in his Hands. And overall setup was also very good each & every person in staff was just like family member. It is said, if starting is good, then everything will be perfect till end. Same is here, when we enter, first we go to reception, which gives 110% of them to patient for there queries & satisfying them with smooth discussion & Guidance. God Bless you always! "
    Ankit Bhagdeo, India
  • " Dr Rathod is a true visionary & way ahead of his times. A noble cause coupled with a extra caring atmosphere & staff. He is creating an ecosystem which will one day transform this field for the better for the entire race. God bless! "
    Chintan Chande, India
  • " आम्ही पेशंटला घेऊन आल्याबरोबर डॉ. नी फार चांगली ट्रीटमेंट देऊन आजार नाहीसा केला. "
    विवेकानंद आत्माराम पाटील, बोईसर , महाराष्ट्र , इंडिया
  • " Excellent staff! Magical environment in clinic. Very-very helpful doctor. Hats of to Dr Rathod, thank you very much. Really living god for my father helped without surgery. Satisfied with treatment and doctor "
    Kavin Kapadia, India
  • " हम परवेज़ खान भोपाल से अपने भांजे की पेट की तकलीफ से बहुत परेशान थे लेकीन कुछ खास आराम नहीं मिल पा रहा था! चेकअप करने के बाद डॉ ने बताया की खाने की नली चौक हो गयी है! तथा ऑपरेशन के जरिये एक बैंड डलेगा जो डाल दिया गया! लेकिन बाद में तकलीफ फिर होने लगी! हमें बताया गया की जो नली डाली है उसकी वजह से पेट में वरम आ गया हैं! वरम उतारने के लिए दवा दी गई फिर ऑपरेशन करने की तैयारी की गई जो की नाकाम हो गई! फिर हम को किसी ने बताया की मुंबई में एक अस्पताल है! एंडोस्कोपी एशिया जो की डॉ विपुलरॉय राठोड की देख रेख में है! डॉ साहब और उनका स्टाफ भी बहुत अच्छा है! हमें एहसास ही नहीं हुआ की हम घर से दूर है! अभी मरीज अच्छा हो गया है! एक दिन रोक कर उसे डिस्चार्ज कर दिया गया! "
    परवेज़ खान, भोपाल, इंडिया
  • " Excellent service with outstanding care. i Have been amazed to find the level of advanced endoscopic treatment and humanistic philosophy at Endoscopy Asia. I wish its continuing success. "
    Prof. Dr. SwapanKumar Bala, India
  • " Good is efficient in all aspects. Very transperant is good hospitality keep up the good work. Well organised. "
    Judi Fortado, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • " Excellent time span consultation & procedure schedulling, staff was also very helpful. Personal time given by doctor to indivisual patient was very good. "
    Harshal Tejale , Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • " We are very happy about Dr Rathod Sir, diagnosis and treatment. As he said 'We Believe in quality' today quality is much more important than quantity. And i believe in Imagination is more important than Knowledge. "
    Dr Amir Khan, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • " The Excellent painless Endoscopy - very professional service, personal care magic touch with full information on the problem, education to patient to overcome dieses and become normal - Congradulation to Dr Vipulropy Rathod. "
    Bharat Merchand , Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • " It was an excellent experience to be in one of the best medical center in the world. And of course in the best hand. Highly professional setup. Our prayers for truthful enhancement. God Bless you. "
    Group Captain M H Zaki, Indian Force , India
  • " Excellent service, very co-operative staff and Dr. Rathod is an authority in his field. Very gratefull to him. He is like god for us. "
    Umesh Kulkarni, Panvel, Maharashtra
  • " Good Proffesionalism is maintained. Good and Efficient staff. The Ambience is commandable all the best. "
    Swati S, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • " I would call it the Floor of Science as I had a pleasant experience of both OGD Scopy and Colonoscopy. The staff is very approchable and is excellent in coordination. I sensed positive energy throught the floor. "
    Benafsha Irani, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Endoscopy Asia is a centre of excellence in the field of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Endoscopy. It provides safe, easy, quick, painless and cost effective solutions for diagnosis and treatment of all gastrointestinal and abdominal problems. It is a leading Hospital in Mumbai in Gastorenterology and Endoscopy.

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